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Awards And Honors

  1. Dr. Sajjan Agarwal awarded "BEST DOCTORS AWARDS" on 01.07.2011 by Hon'ble Governor of Tamilnadu and Former Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh Shri K. Roshaiahji.
  2. Dr. Sajjan Agarwal received "GLOBAL PEACE AWARD" from the Minister of Govt. of A. P.
  3. Dr. Sajjan Agarwal received "NATIONAL INTEGRATION AWARD" from the Ministers of Govt. of A. P.
  4. Dr. Sajjan Agarwal received "INDRA PRIYADRASHINI AWARD" from the hands of Minister of Govt. of A.P.
  5. Dr. Sajjan Agarwal received "CHIKITSA RATNA AWARD" by Agarwal Samaj A. P.
  6. Dr. Sajjan Agarwal received "BEST DOCTORS AWARD" on 01-07-2012 from the hands of Minister of Govt. of A. P.