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Baldness Treatment

Male pattern baldness is said to affect over half of men predominantly over the age of 50 years across the world. Some women also develop hair loss problem, mainly at the crown and they are much more common in women after the menopause. It's said that about 13 in a 100 women have some baldness before the menopause, rising to 75 in a 100 over the age of 65.

A common type of hair loss, Male Pattern Baldness develops in most men at some stage of their lives. In medical terms, they are called Androgenetic Alopecia.

The process begins with the thinning of hair at the front as well as at the top. Following this, a bald patch gradually develops in the middle of the scalp whereas the receding front and the bald patch on the top (called the crown) gradually enlarge their spread and join together at a single junction. In the end, a rim of hair is left around the scalp's back and sides. In case of some men, even the rim of hair also thins and eventually becomes totally bald.

Till date there has been no concrete medical cure for baldness. Baldness is a normal part of the ageing process for most men. So what are the treatment options?


Currently there are some medicines and the most popular among them are Finasteride (also called Propecia®) and Minoxidil (also called Regaine®). They work by blocking the conversion of testosterone to dihydrotestosterone and ensure that the hair follicles are not affected by this hormone. This way, they can enlarge back to normal and keep producing fresh hairs or at least stop further hair loss. In case of fresh regrowth, around four months is required for the actual effect to take place and about 1-2 years for full hair growth. However, if the medical treatment process is stopped midway, then the balding process returns. So, constant continuance of the said medicines is required to maintain the effect. There are reports of some men suffering from side effects like loss of sex drive (libido) or skin irritation or rashness. These medicines however do not work for women with male pattern baldness.

Scalp Surgery

Techniques such as hair transplantation, scalp flaps, and other procedures have been used for a number of years. Success rates vary and a specialist opinion is needed if surgery is considered.