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Cosmetic Skin Surgery

Cosmetic Skin Surgery
Cosmetic Skin Surgery
Cosmetic Skin Surgery

Skin is effected and damaged by many factors such as sun-light, age, life style, food, hormonal changes, drugs and mental and physical stress and strain. As the skin is influenced by so many day to day factors, it gets damaged and start looking dull, rough, uneven & loose. Open pores become more prominent. Black and brown spots develop over exposed areas. It becomes dry, thin and wrinkled. Regular use of moisturizers and sun-screens can prevent lot of these changes on the skin.

Chemical peels, Diamond Microdermabrasion and Resurfacing at regular internals are very effective in preventing and curing many of the sign of aging of skin. Regular use of sun screen and other anti-aging products are highly recommended.

Acne scars are removed by subcision, Scar excision and resurfacing. Almost 80-90% recovery is expected after 2-3 sittings of this minor out patient procedure.

Stable vitiligo patches could be excised if small or treated by micro- grafting with almost 100% cure rates.

With modern medicines and techniques of Hair Transplants no body should ever become bald. Hair Transplants is a very effective minor surgery to restore lost hairs on scalp. We do hair transplant by both, the traditional strip method and latest direct follicular unit extraction methods. I recommend hair transplant to all those who feel stressed out due to their bald head.

Filler injection are given to add fullness and volume to sinking facial tissue. It gives smoother and youthful appearance to the face. It is safe. The results are immediate and long lasting.

Botox injection are given at regular interval to relax tiny facial muscles that cause wrinkles on face. This naturally creates a smoothned rejuvenated and more youthful and attractive appearance.

Post Trauma or Surgery Scars can be reduced by serial excision, elliptical excision, running W-Plasty, Z-Plasty or local flap transposition depending up on the type of the scar.

Benign Tumours, skin tags, moles and nevi are excised with good cosmetic out come.

All above mentioned skin cosmetic surgical procedures are routinely done at our clinic in a very humane and professional environment.