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Hair Loss Treatment

Every person's hair will always be in a constant cycle of growth, rest and renewal. Loss of hair is natural during the course of each day. When we talk of loss of hair that shows signs of being permanent, then mostly genetic factors is at play and people with such a situation are susceptible to baldness. Some of these genes come from the mother's side and some from the father's side of the family.

Another widely occurring hair loss problem, Androgenetic hair loss is caused by androgen hormones (they are produced in different amounts by both males and females) and occurs in people with a genetic susceptibility. Other possible causes of hair loss include Alopecia Areata (an autoimmune disorder that causes hair root inflammation), Cancer chemotherapy, Burns or injuries, Habits like continual hair pulling or scalp rubbing, Scalp Ringworm and Hair rough handling. Other causes include Long-term illness, major surgery and high fever may cause temporary hair loss.

How does this happen? When a person has a tight scalp and poor blood circulation at the top of the head, they result in prevention of micro-circulation in the scalp. When this happens, the contracted blood vessels cannot transport the necessary nutrients and trace elements to the hair follicle. This leads to disturbance of hair growth cycle. One the resting phase is over, the hair will not be able to start a new growth phase and will remain in a resting phase indefinitely. Hair follicles ultimately die or self-destruct and if an adequate level of circulation cannot be restored, the tight sections of the scalp become bald.

Hair loss treatments have come of age thanks to modern technology. The effective ones in the market slow down or reduce hair loss, stimulate partial hair regrowth or replace damaged hair. Then there is the popular surgical treatment called Hair Transplantation that can be helpful for some men with advanced balding.

There are also a whole lot of non-surgical treatments including lotions and tablets which generally need to be used regularly for achieving effective hair regrowth. Apart from this, there are cosmetic options including wigs and hairpieces, Vitamin Supplements, Hair Lotions and Tonics. However most of them have been found to be partially successful in promoting fresh hair growth or preventing hair loss.

By far, Hair Transplantation has been found to be the most effective and that too if the patient concerned has healthy crop of hair behind the scalp's back and side areas for being grafted and transplanted onto affected areas.

Apart from Hair Transplantation, there is Crown Laser Treatment (CLT) that beams in precise manner appropriate dosage of laser light onto affected areas without the loss of light properties and energy