Mole Removal

Mole Removal

mole removal in hyderabad

Moles are a type of skin growth which is quite common. Moles occur due to an abnormal collection of pigmented cells (melanocytes). It forms when the pigmented cells in the skin grow into a cluster instead of being segregated. People with light skin tone are more prone to have moles.

Moles may be present since birth or may appear during childhood or adolescence. Over time moles may change in their appearance or may fade away. Generally, moles are harmless and they rarely become cancerous. It has to be considered serious if moles are newly formed in adults because it can be a sign of skin cancer. Thus it is important to always check or monitor the pigmented patches or moles. Any more than 5-7 mm in size should be shown to Dermatologist.

What are the factors that influence mole formation?

For some people, moles appear since the time of birth. For some others, moles appear in later life due to genetic factor or due to sun exposure. Frequent exposure to the sun makes mole darker. They may occur due to the hormonal changes during puberty, pregnancy or due to some hormonal therapy.

Can they turn into Cancer?

In most of the cases, moles are normal and harmless. It rarely transforms into a deadly skin cancer called malignant melanoma. If any unusual changes are found in mole's color, size, and shape, consult a dermatologist.

What are the treatments to remove a mole?

Most of the people remove a mole for aesthetic reasons. There are types of treatment to remove moles:

Superficial Shave Removal-   In this method, moles are shaved down by scalpel. It is done by numbing the area by providing anesthesia. But the treatment is less effective as the root remains in the area and mole can develop in the same place.

Laser Removal- The non-cancerous and smaller moles above the skin can be removed with the laser treatment. This technique uses the laser to break down the mole cells in the skin. Laser treatment is very useful in removing moles from face, ears, neck and other parts of the body. Lasers can eliminate multiple moles at the same time. Two to three treatment sessions are necessary to eradicate a mole.

Surgical procedure- It is considered the best method to remove moles. In this procedure, the entire mole is cut below the subcutaneous fat layer and the incision is stitched. The removed mole is sent for medical examination.

Freezing- Moles which are non-cancerous and has not spread deeper can be frozen off using liquid nitrogen. It is a simple out-patient procedure and may leave some blisters on the skin.

Can a mole re-appear after the treatment?

In many cases, there is a chance of mole re-appearing after the treatment. This is the reason, doctors recommend follow-up treatment for every 6 to 12 months in case of cancerous or irregular moles.

How to prevent moles?

Moles cannot be prevented as it occurs due to various natural factors. Sometimes, a mole can be newly formed or it may re-appear after the treatment if it is exposed to the sun. However, it is advised to apply sunscreen with SPF 30 and higher to prevent mole formation. Regular skin checks are recommended to identify any irregular moles and changes in existing moles.

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Authored By Dr. Sajjan R Agarwal

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