Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch Marks Treatment

Stretch Marks Treatments

stretch marks treatment in hyderabad

Skin is the largest organ in the human body which plays an important role in protecting it. The skin has the ability to enlarge and dwindle when needed. The skin is strong and elastic but the quick expansion and contraction of the skin can cause stretch marks.

Not everyone develops stretch marks. There are some people who are at the risk of developing it. It appears due to various reasons. For some, hormonal imbalance is a cause of developing these narrow bands on skin.

Stretch marks are lines or bands on the skin formed due to the expansion of the skin's connecting tissues. When it expands too far, some of its collagen fibers break and this makes the underlying blood vessels visible. This leaves red Atrophic and Depressed Scars.  These superficial scars usually do not go away. The stretch marks are not painful but can affect a person's self-confidence or self-esteem.

What are the causes of stretch marks?

Stretch marks can occur in people of all ages. It is not exactly known why some people get stretch marks and why others do not.

  • Around 90 percent of women get stretch marks during the time of pregnancy.
  • People get stretch marks when the body undergoes some changes such as immense weight gain or loss and also during puberty.
  • Some people are more prone to develop stretch marks due to genetics and hormonal imbalances.
  • People using steroid medications or topical steroid are also more likely to get stretch marks.

Are stretch marks permanent?

Stretch marks are common that usually fade after some time, but it doesn't disappear completely. Treatments to remove stretch marks can help to reduce the stretch marks to a great extent.

What are treatments for stretch marks?

There are some treatments which help to reduce stretch marks to a certain extent. They are:

  • Stretch removal creams and lotions- Varieties of lotions, creams and gels are available in the market to get rid of stretch marks. Tretinoin (retinoic acid), Peptides are some of the ingredients in creams and lotions which help to reduce stretch marks. Pregnant and nursing women are not allowed to use such creams.
  • Laser therapy- Laser therapy is one of the latest treatments to get away from stretch marks. It is highly effective and a safe procedure which is appropriate for all skin types. Pulse dye lasers can help to improve the appearance of the skin and to increase collagen production. A person needs around 20 treatments for about 60%  improvement.
  • Platelet-rich plasma with Microneedle Therapy- Platelet-rich plasma therapy has become a trend to revive skin and increase collagen production. In PRP treatment, a blood sample is taken from the patient's own body to perform the procedure. PRP therapy along with Microneedle Therapy can be the best treatment for reducing stretch marks.
  • Microdermabrasion- This is a non-invasive procedure which exfoliates the outer layer of the skin. It is done to lighten stretch marks and repeated treatments are needed to maintain the results for a long time.
  • Chemical Peels:- In our experience Retinoic Acid based peels are highly effective in eliminating stretch marks.
  • Other than these, there are certain products available in the market to get rid of stretch marks. Products which include ingredients such as cocoa butter, olive oil, and almond oil can help to reduce the stretch marks.


It is not possible to prevent stretch marks completely, but following a healthy lifestyle, drinking plenty of water, avoiding rapid weight gains and losses during pregnancy time and maintaining a healthy diet can reduce the risk of developing stretch marks. Daily massage with coconut or olive oil etc., also prevents development of stretch marks to some extent.

Authored By Dr. Sajjan R Agarwal

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