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Invisible Surgery

Vitiligo is an acquired chronic disease characterized by pure white macular lesions (patches) of various sizes and shapes on the skin. It affects about 0.5 to 1% of the population and is universal in its occurrence. The exact cause of vitiligo is not known. In this disease there is selective destruction of melanocytes in the white skin patches. The course of vitiligo is unpredictable.

A number of techniques are used to transplant autologous (patients own) melanocytes from pigmented to non pigmented skin areas. Surgery is done only for stable cases and where medical therapy has failed to repigment the skin.

Stable small patches of vitiligo can be excised. Over grafting is done some times, where in very thin split thickness skin grafts are placed over adequately dermabraded vitiligo patches. Out come is excellent with 100% cure rates.

    Pulverized skin grafting is another minor surgical procedure for treating stable vitiligo patches. The cosmetic out come is uniform and excellent.

    Autologous micrografting is the method where in multiple 1mm skin grafts from patients normal skin are transplanted at a distance of 5-7 mm over the patient's vitiliginous skin. Pigment spreads out from these transplanted melanocytes and covers the intervening area of 5-7 mm in 3-4 months time. When done by experts it gives the appearance of naturally healed vitiligo. Nobody can make out that surgery has been done. It can be done on any parts of the body including lips. I am doing this since 1986 with consistent highly gratified results.