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Chemical Peels

Truly Anti-Aging

Maintaining youthful appearance is dream of every individual. Advances in dermatologic cosmaceuticals and other techniques have made this almost realistic expectation.

Cosmeceuticals in Chemical Peels protect skin from abnormal conditions and beautify skin. These agents act by bringing about following beneficial actions on, in and below the skin.

  1. Moisturization of skin-it gives smother, more glossy and clear appearance to skin by reducing fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.
  2. Making skin thicker and firmer by stimulating collagen formation in deeper layers of skin and adding more cellular layers over superficial skin (Epidermis). Increasing thickness gives feeling and appearance of more younger skin. It also reduces fine lines and wrinkles. This also tightens the skin and reduces depth of scars.
  3. Increasing blood flow to skin. it helps in nourishing the skin. Skin looks fresh & shiny with increased tone and glow.
  4. Removing dead cells and stimulating new cells to multiply at greater speed in Epidermis, it improves surface texture of skin.
  5. Reducing sebum production. it removes acne (Pimples) and skin pore size is reduced.
  6. Anti oxidant effect which prevents sunburns and skin photo aging.
  7. By improving complexion. It makes skin look fair and evenly colored. This is done by Photo Protection of skin and inhibiting melanin formation in skin.

It is advisable to include suitable cosmaceuticals in daily skin care regimen to improve skin appearance and feel. Chemical Peeling agents are used in various combinations depending upon the requirements of particular person.

Pre peel and post peel applications are mandatory to achieve and maintain the anti-aging and other benefits of Chemical Peels.