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Scar Revision - Face Scar Removal

Scars on face can result from a host of factors from an accident to a burn or surgery after effect or skin disease or acne or any infection. Though there are a number of treatments for scar removal, none assures the complete and final removal of facial scars. So facial scars are always permanent; some may improve over a period of time and fade naturally.

Now coming to Treatments, one of the most popular techniques for facial scar removal is Laser Scar Removal. Under this method, a focused concentrated beam of light is targeted at the scar area entering the skin deep. This facilitates the removal of an outer layer of damaged skin and unearths a healthier, natural, looking layer of skin. Over a course of time ahead, the new skin will heal and eventually help minimize the scar's appearance. Another method involves beaming of laser light at the lower layers of healthy skin facilitating growth of new collagen which will help in improving the appearance of scars.

Laser facial scar removal procedures are generally performed under Local Anesthesia else if they are a difficult process, under General Anesthesia. Once the procedure is done, the patient can return home immediately. On the whole, the surgery takes anywhere from a few minutes to an hour and a half.

The patient will need to take utmost care of the facial scars. The scar area will need to be gently treated with a mild soap and when it's dry; an antibiotic ointment must be applied to prevent growth of infection and a bandage over the affected area to prevent it from being infected.

The healing process begins four days after treatment. How fast it will heal depends upon a whole lot of factors like the type of the laser used, genetic skin characteristics and the level of patient's adherence to doctor's instructions. Most patients get back to normal life activities following treatment but even this depend upon factors like the patient's ability to get over the after effects of the scar.