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Freckles Removal

Also called as Ephelides, Freckles are small speck deposits of pigment found in the Epidermis (that is, upper layer of the skin). They are usually caused by sun damage OR constant exposure to the Sun from indulgence in sports like Tennis, Cricket, Running, or Swimming OR genetic factors. In case of first two, it basically depends upon the reaction of people to sunlight. Genes play even more critical role; heredity and skin type play a vital role in freckles formation.

Freckles have no symptoms at all. To be aware of its existence, one needs to be constantly monitor the change in color or size and also stay consulted with your doctor since with freckles in some cases there are high risk of contracting skin cancer,

Lasers are most effective in facilitating the removal of Freckles since almost every color of the laser light beamed by the Laser can be absorbed very effectively by the melanin pigment, which makes up the freckles. In addition, they make the task of the surgeon a lot easy as freckles sit on the top of the skin making it easy to be identified and surgery performed on.

Under Laser Freckle Removal procedure, a thin layer of cool gel is first applied to the face and then a cooling device, similar to a cold blower, is used to cool your skin. Then the laser light is beamed in a series of pulses targeting the melanin in the treatment skin area following which they are selectively absorbed by the pigment present in the freckles. On absorption, the laser light heats up the pigment in the freckles and breaks it up into tiny particles which can then be effectively removed from the skin as part of the skin's natural exfoliation process.

The whole lot of Laser Freckle Removal procedure takes about 45 minutes. After the treatment, a laser cream and sunblock is applied on the treatment area. Over the next few days, the dark freckle spots will migrate to the surface of the skin, from wherein they will fall off naturally on own with the dead skin cells.

For complete effective treatment of Freckles, a series of 4-5 treatments is recommended. In the long-term, the long-term success of the treatment will depend on how well the skin is taken care off and handled.